CP+B commissioned SPILLT to sync up with an editorial house, VFX company and a post-production house to join forces and create 12 commercial end tags for Best Buy over the 2014 Holiday Season.

Because things can get moving pretty fast, SPILLT implemented its streamlined production and creative process to pull all the collaborators together. This process has been truly honed over the years; it’s not something that just magically happens. It takes experience in the trenches to fine tune a system to make it 100% foolproof. In this particular case, not only did lots of hands touch the spots, but multiple companies did as well, each with multiple levels of approval processes. Having a streamlined system—both internally and externally—helped keep everyone focused on the work and quality high.

Here’s how it went down:

Some of the product shots from the Best Buy Holiday campaign were captured in-camera, but the majority were modeled and composited to allow for maximum flexibility. Leading up to the shoot, SPILLT received boxes of products for the animators to model—not Vanna White style, although those who shall remain nameless still did their best attempt. On-set photos of the products were shot for reference, but most end tags wound up consisting of CG products composited into empty scenes. You’ll never know which! Un-color-corrected 4K backplates arrived from each shoot day and left the house with products in them, then came back color-corrected for final tweaks and graphics. This method allowed endless opportunities for products to spin and tilt from one position to the next. For a stint there, SPILLT could easily have been mistaken for a Best Buy store with all of the merchandise on hand. SPILLT also created the snappy 2-D graphics in the spots to correspond with the company’s current print campaign.

3D Modeling: Harrison Vincent, Dan Bucknam
Compositing and Animation: Jason Oberg, Curt Cooper
Animation & Design: Jason Oberg and Harrison Vincent
Executive Producer: Beth Cooper
Producer: Rebecca Olson
CD: Curt Cooper and Ryan Bramwell
Agency: CP+B