Welcome to the first Quick Tip from SPILLT!  True collaboration is fundamental to how we operate our business and in that theme, we are planning on releasing a series of Quick Tips that hopefully passes along some of workflow and troubleshooting issues we have encountered over the years.  We work on a ton of projects each year at SPILLT and the majority of these involve Cinema 4D in some manner or another.

A large part of running successful projects is working as efficiently as possible, and while software is updated all the time, there are great additions that can only be found by using scripts and plugins.  Render Frame is a free script available from FootPrint Productions and fills a huge gap in the everyday Cinema 4D workflow.  After installing Render Frame and docking it into your C4D interface, you can render a still to the picture viewer simply by clicking the icon rather than having to switch render settings for just a test frame.  We have found this invaluable in our workflow and hope you do as well.