Welcome to the new Spillt website! My name is Sean Herman. when I’m not drinking coffee or skateboarding I make websites. But enough about me, let’s talk about this website.

When Spillt reached out to me to help them concept their new website, I was really excited to create something that tackled their business needs while also being visually appealing.

The first goal of this website was to get it onto a platform that would allow their team to easily add new work and content. So first and foremost we had to figure out a CMS solution. I narrowed the CMS search down two options, but eventually decided to go full WordPress because, why the hell not? I like WordPress. Once we knew which platform we were going to use, I immediately started thinking of ways to simplify content uploads, as quick and easy content updates was one of primary development objectives.

In meeting with Spillt we narrowed the format of the work into two verticals. Basically, we needed to show video (of course) and images.

We kept the backend lightweight and simple by using Vimeo for hosting and WordPress shortcodes instead of custom post types. This gave us the ability to add more than one video to a post without all the backend clutter.

For the images we wanted to have a few different options available depending on the supporting content. Instead of showing a video of the final product, Spillt wanted to start showing more of their process. In order to do show this, we created a few different formats that a user could experience the imagery through.

First we built a simple stacking format for images like storyboards that accompany a video. In places where there were no videos and just a lot of storyboards, we made an option to allow them to collapse all the images into a slider to keep the overall height of the page down. And lastly, we wanted to inject a little more interactivity while showing an even deeper process, so we made a basic before and after image slider. This gave Spillt the ability to show a rare look into the production side of their business. A simple solution for a deeper experience.

Like I stated above – most of the websites goals were backend driven, however there were a lot of design challenges that we ran into along the way that were fun to tackle. I will eventually post a full breakdown on my website that includes more on the design side, but for now I will leave you with this. I hope it was somewhat insightful into my thinking behind this site.

I hope you have enjoyed the website! It was a blast to make. If you’d like to learn more about me and what I do, you can check me out at http://hrmn.co or on Instagram @seanherman

Thanks for reading!