Bar Rescue Promo


Let’s face it, election season can be a divisive time in our great nation. But not this year when Spike TV decided to run a candidate everyone can stand behind. Jon Taffer! The SPILLT team had the pleasure of collaborating with Spike to produce a mock political campaign for promoting one of their top shows, Bar Rescue. With a solid script provided by the creative team at Spike, SPILLT concepted the visual creative and established a unique design that allowed for humor, while still maintaining the look of a polished real political ad. After a whirlwind one day shoot in Denver, our team tackled editorial, color correction, 2D/3D animation and compositing in less than three weeks time. This campaign of a :60 and three :20 promos, was Spike’s most successful branded promo to date with almost 200K views in the first day. Our team had an amazing time and we hope you enjoy. Jon Taffer: “Make America’s Bars Great Again!”


Editorial/Design/VFX: SPILLT
Creative Direction: Ryan Bramwell, Ed Rhine
Production Company: Fueld Films
Director: Brandon Christensen
Executive Producer: Rebecca Olson
Senior Producer: Julie Morrandez
Editor: Summer Simpson
Color: Herman Nieuwould
Designers: Harrison Vincent, Ed Rhine, Dan Bucknam
2D & 3D Animation: Harrison Vincent, Dan Bucknam, Samantha Mireles, Ed Rhine, Miles Petrock, Jon Drobil
VFX & Keying: Herman Nieuwould