Black Jesus

Black Jesus

Season One

Season Two

Adult Swim has counted on SPILLT to either animate, design (or both!) for several of its network’s shows’ end cards including Ricky & Morty & Funny or Die. So SPILLT was psyched to step up to the plate once again when Adult Swim needed someone to construct end cards for the series premiere of Black Jesus, its latest live-action original.

The result of the promos? Nothing short of the HIGHEST SERIES RATING. Sha-blam. Perfect example of how the best of both worlds can come together and make rating magic.

This promo was edited by Adult Swim in-house team. SPILLT designed and animated the end cards.


Agency: Adult Swim
Creative Direction: Ryan Bramwell
Executive Producer: Rebecca Olson
Design: Ryan Bramwell, Tom Bik, Jason Oberg
Animation: Jason Oberg