Denver Zoo Toyota


Cactus came to us to help bring to life their amazing illustrative campaign for Denver Zoo’s new $50 million expansion of the Toyota Elephant Passage. Using our massive toolset of animated brushes and mattes, we rebuild this still painting into a world filled with depth and excitement.

The “Toyota Elephant Passage” is a 10-acre, 10-building exhibition environment, housing elephants, rhinos, tapirs, leopards, birds and reptiles in native-like settings. Across all media (except radio), the advertising melds layers of illustration of three zoo scenes — some richly detailed, some sparingly so — to suggest a place both real and fantastical. The digital, watercolor-style artwork, titled “Elephants’ Bridge,” “Gibbons’ Island,” and “Cranes’ Waterfall,” is all by Kory Heinzen of Redwood City, Calif. — better known for his film animation for such Dreamworks movies as Shrek (2 and the Third) and Megamind.



Agency: Cactus
Animation: Curt Copper, Ryan Bramwell, Brian Long
Music/Sound Design: Coupe Studios