FLOW SIA 2013 Snowboards

Flow Snowboards

Case Study

Defining another successful collaboration, Futuristic Films tasked us with creating graphic support for a sequence of videos featuring the latest in technology from Flow Snowboards. Just as Flow pushes the limits of design and innovation for their products, we too wanted to push the design and animation limits of your typical product video and create something that was truly unique and representative of the brand. As Futuristic shot, wrote and directed the live action components, our team designed, directed and produced the motion graphic and 3-D elements to show off the new products’ technologies. Seamless stop motion green screen techniques and realistic 3-D renderings of the products were created for product representations. The videos, which are shown simultaneously in triptych format premiered at this year’s SIA and are being showcased at trade shows around the globe this winter and spring.


Director (Action/Product for Futuristic): Jasper Gray
Director (Skits for Futuristic): Nick Goossen
Executive Producer (Futuristic): Brendan Kiernan
Director of Photography (Action/Product for Futuristic): Frank Pickell
Director of Photography (Skits for Futuristic): Zoran Popovic
Line Producer (Skits for Futuristic): Sean Madaras
Line Producer (Action for Futuristic): Monique Figueira
Production Manager (Futuristic): Monique Figueira
Editor (Skits for Futuristic): Nick Goossen
Editor (Action/Product for Futuristic): Richie Kendall
Post Supervisor (Futuristic): Monique Figueira
Creative Direction/Design (SPILLT): Ryan Bramwell
Executive Producer (SPILLT): Kimberly Peterson
Art Direction/Deisign/Animation (SPILLT): Curt Cooper
Art Direction/Deisign/Animation (SPILLT): Curt Cooper