Internet of Things

McCann / Intel

Egg – Agriculture 

In another great partnership with Fueld Films, McCann SLC came to us to create a series of 3 cohesive spots for Intel’s Internet of Things. These spots are designed to help professionals understand and engage with Intel’s line of products and showcase the benefits of this technology within their workplace. Representing a true collaborative creation process, both Fueld & Spillt’s teams worked closely with the McCann team on all facets of production, direction, editing, motion design and compositing. Directed by Rob Feng, our group went to work developing a center-matched edit style to accompany the differing script styles across industries.

Drop – Industrial 

Spillt went to work developing a system of graphic overlays to define a visual representation of The Internet of Things. Our team also worked closely with the McCann team from our new SLC edit room to handle all editing and graphics in real time with our Denver office.

Jeans – Retail 


Production Company: Fueld Films
Director: Rob Feng
DP: David Wilson
Executive Producers: Danielle Bryan & Brady Anderton
Producer: Erin Mallory
Line Producers: Valerie Thomas
Executive Producer: Rebecca Olson
Senior Producer: Julie Morrandez
Post Direction: Ryan Bramwell
Editorial, Color & Post: Charlie Brittz
Design/Animation/VFX: Jason Oberg, Samantha Mireles & Brian Long
Audio & Composition: Coupe Studios