Leading up to the release of the PIXELS movie, SPILLT was tasked with creating a series of ten-second spots to cross-promote the movie with TBS. We pitched a series of designs inspired by the movie’s classic arcade game universe as well as a few featuring characters from the movie. In the end TBS elected to run with scenes featuring Pacman, Donkey Kong, Qbert and a few others, so from Sony’s character toolkit elements we embellished and supplemented (and occasionally rebuilt) the iconic characters to create micro-stories of interaction with the TBS logo. The SPILLT team also went to work recreating all of the pixel block builds from scratch to enhance transitions and movement. We also had the benefit of some killer audio from Coupe to help bring that quintessential arcade soundtrack back into it. For all the grief the movie is catching, Sony’s animators did an amazing job bringing some glow and sizzle to their 3D characters, so it yielded some fun creative opportunities and a satisfying end result. Plus, we got to explode, you know, like, a ton of blocks.


Creative Director: Ryan Bramwell
Executive Producer: Rebecca Olson
Producer: Julie Morrandez
3D Modeling/Animation: Harrison Vincent, Kevin Liotti
Animation & Design: Jason Oberg, Harrison Vincent, John Camalick, Brian Long