Fall TV

Spectrum Reach

Our amazing partnership with Cactus has grown over the years. So much so that they implemented our Backyard Alliance Partnership to help them with this campaign. With awesome¬†creative in hand, the Cactus crew called us into the process to edit, composite, animate and color these highly entertaining spots. The goal of these spots is to showcase Charter Reach’s abilities to put the “right” consumer into your view for your small business needs.

Initially intended as an all practical shoot, Fueld Films went to work creating the right look and feel. What began as practical moved into a more post heavy project. The client really wanted this clean look and feel with a very stylized lighting and color approach. After the edit was complete, we went into full post production including background extensions to both the floor and back walls, wire eliminations, screen replacements, texture and color changes on much of the set and finally developing that right color palette.

This is another great example of three partners coming together to create a product that is above client expectations.


Direction: Cactus
Production: Fueld Films
Creative Director: Ryan Bramwell, Ed Rhine
Executive Producer: Rebecca Olson
Senior Producer: Julie Morrandez
Design & Animation: Brian Long
Edit & Color: Jeff Wilson
Post Compositing: Herman Nieuwoudt
Audio: Dynamite Laser Beam