Spectrum Reach Holiday

Spectrum Reach

The talented crew at Charter Reach came to us with a very fun end of year project. Each year they send out an enjoyable holiday card to their partners and this year we wanted to up the ante and create something wonderful. The 12 Days of Christmas was a great start to showcase a multitude of channels and shows in a really fun way. Our team went to work creating a large ensemble of characters and Coupe Studios went to work writing this glorious music track. Many of The Coupe Studios Crew pitched in on the voices. This collaboration equalled a win win-win for all of us and our clients at Charter.


Creative Director: Ryan Bramwel, Ed Rhine
Executive Producer: Rebecca Olson
Senior Producer: Julie Morrandez
Art Direction: Harrison Vincent
Character Design: Samantha Mireles, Harrison Vincent
Design/Animation: John Camalick
Audio: Coupe Studios