TBS Integrated Promos


SPILLT has a long standing relationship with Turner and it’s brands, which leads to some truly amazing collaborations.  We were privileged to work with TBS over that past year on a series of integrated promo animations for the Smurfs movie, Ebay and Popeyes.  While each of these promos takes on a unique visual approach, they all have a common goal of creating a spot that feels on brand for TBS as well as their respective client.

Smurfs Movie Promos

Popeyes Promo

Ebay Promo


Executive Producer: Rebecca Olson
Senior Producer: Julie Morrandez
Creative Director: Ed Rhine, Ryan Bramwell
Design: Ryan Smith - Popeyes, Ryan Mast - Ebay
2D/3D Animation: Harrison Vincent, Samantha Mireles, Ryan Mast, Dan Bucknam, Ryan Smith