What is MS?

National MS Society

Our new friends at The National Multiple Sclerosis Society came to us with one of most ambitious and exciting projects of 2015. This informative video educated viewers on the core concepts, traits and treatments within the world of Multiple Sclerosis today. The video itself replaces the long running medical video the society had which is the first online point of contact people newly diagnosed with MS have today.

Our team set to work creating a highly stylized yet realistic approach to the design and style. Our main focus was to create an entry point, rich with factual information and balanced with a welcoming and positive mood. Spillt went to work designing multiple approaches to find the right fit. We then incorporated a very high end 3D process which began with researching and modeling neurons and their complete structure. The medical models and rigging were re-worked throughout to allow us to focus specifically on the nervous system of which MS directly affects. Dynamite Laser Beam then came in and created a custom music track and sound effects which uniquely accented visually elements which were key to the viewer’s education.


Creative Director: Ed Rhine, Ryan Bramwell
Executive Producer: Rebecca Olson
Senior Producer: Julie Morrandez
Art Direction/Design: Harrison Vincent, Jason Oberg, Brian Long
3D Animation/Modeling: Harrison Vincent, Derek Superville
2D Animation: Harrison Vincent, Brian Long, Jason Oberg
Audio: Dynamite Laser Beam