Secret Service Files

National Geographic Channel

Nat Geo tapped Spillt to produce the promo package for their highly anticipated two-night television event, Secret Service Files. The four episode series takes you behind the scenes and reveals there’s more to the Secret Service than just protecting the President.

The challenge of the project was to maintain the signature Nat Geo look while incorporating a more edgy, youthfully skewed aesthetic. The design and animation approach combined the use of architectural drafting with monetary art, delivered in a degraded yet haphazard perspective of the all seeing eye that is our governments technology.

Secret Service Files aired on Feb. 19th and 20th, 2011. The two-night event did very well. Placing Nat Geo amongst the highest rated cable networks both nights.


VP/Creative Director: Andy Baker (Nat Geo)

Writer/Producer: Sean McLaughlin (Nat Geo)

Senior Motion Designer/Direction: Jeremy Tate (Nat Geo)

Creative Direction: Ryan Bramwell

Animation/Design: Dave Drage, Ryan Bramwell

Edit: Ben Eslinger

Executive Producer: Kim Peterson