Toonami Re-Launch

Adult Swim

The kick ass talent at Adult Swim came to us for a fresh look to The Toonami Block of programming on Adult Swim. As we are giant fans of the channel, we went to work exploring a multitude of approaches for this broadcast packages. We landed on this approach that coincides with their episodic story promos. This final concept is based on a POV of a damaged rover searching a thought to be uninhabited planet.

The packaging includes all the bells and whistles including: Thirds, transitional elements, promo packaging, titles, logo builds, etc. It is geared to be highly editable. The Adult Swim team can manipulate viewpoints, camera movements and text replacement at a moment’s notice. Toonami airs every Saturday Night/Sunday Morning from 11:30pm-3:30am. You’ll see our “Lineup Promo” start to air around 11:30pm then the programming block is from 12am-3:30am, during which you will see all of the packaging promos using the new Toolkit design.


Creative Director: Ryan Bramwell, Ed Rhine
Executive Producer: Rebecca Olson
Senior Producer: Julie Morrandez
Design/Art Direction/Animation: Harrison Vincent, Jason Oberg
Design: Jason Oberg, Hector Espinosa, Ryan Bramwell, Craig Stouffer, Harrison Vincent, Joshua Holland
Audio and Edit: Adult Swim