UTA Blue Skies

R&R Partners

The creative force that is R&R Partners and Fueld Films came to us with this spot for the Utah Transit Authority. We were tasked with re-creating the story of a single day being brightened up by using the Tram in Salt Lake City. This spot is a great example of Spillt’s Post Production Services from soup to nuts. We began by completely re-imagining the story arch of the spot, did a full color treatment and then meticulously went to work on the motion tracking, roto and compositing to the colors coming to life in this world. The clients went from wondering if this concept would work, to being very excited with our final product. Another great example of our diverse collaborative talents coming together and making great things happen.


Executive Producer: Rebecca Olson
Senior Producer: Julie Morrandez
Creative Director: Ryan Bramwell
Art Direction/Design: Jason Oberg
Compositing and Animation: Jason Oberg
Editorial, Color, Composite: Herman Nieuwoudt
Fueld Films : Brady Anderton and Danielle Bryan
Audio: Coupe Studios