Vail Epic Mix


We are proud to showcase our second successful collaboration with Production Powerhouse Futuristic Films in this Epic Mix Online video for Vail Resorts. Vail Resorts called on the Future team to develop this new spot to promote and educate viewers to this Epic brand. Epic Mix Season Pass represents an all new way to interact with your mountain experience by adding social photo applications to an already packed digital product. Combined with new branding elements of this amazing new product, Futuristic’s Jasper Gray and Frank Pickell edited together an entertaining piece defining this new world. Using initial concepts by Futuristic’s John Brisnehan, Spillt was asked to create a system of informational design, compositing and animation to support this unique edit. The result became what is now known as a brand new way to experience the mountains you love, with the people you love in real time so you have more time… with each other.


Director (Futuristic): Jasper Gray
Producer (Futuristic): Brendan Kiernan
Senior Editor (Futuristic): Frank Pickell
Associate Editor (Futuristic): Richie Kendal
Post Supervisor (Futuristic): Monique Weiring & Mark Shelton
Sound Design (Futuristic): Bad Animals
Graphics (Futuristic): John Brisnehan
Design/Animation Direction (SPILLT): Curt Cooper and Ryan Bramwell
Producer (SPILLT): Kimberly Peterson
Animation/Design (SPILLT): Ryan Bramwell, Brian Long and Curt Cooper