Verizon 2013 Data Breach Investigation Report

Verizon / McCann

Will your organization, or one you work with, suffer a security breach this year? Nobody’s immune, no target is too small, or too large. The methods used by hackers to gain access to data are numerous, wide-reaching and ever-growing. This isn’t a threat you can afford to ignore.

Verizon’s 2013 Data Breach Investigation report explains this matter in detail. Our new partnership with the Fueld Films team showcases a strong collaborative effort to tackle large scale projects. Our team designed, directed, and animated the spot from the ground up. All footage is stock and re-colored to give the style a filmic approach and the graphic elements were composited and tracked in every shot. Cityscapes were modeled and animated in-house.


Agency : McCann
Co-Producer: Fueld Films
Fueld Films Executive Producer: Brady Anderton
McCann Creatives: Todd Omelchuk, David Yost, Oscar Arvizu
VP, Production Services Director: Todd Gorzitze
Creative Direction: Curt Cooper
Design and Animation: Curt Cooper, Ryan Bramwell, Morgan James, Tom Bik, John Camalick, Dylan Dickey
Edit: Ben Eslinger
Audio: Coupe Studios
Executive Producer: Kim Peterson