Verizon Business Process Video


Here is a quick edit of a small portion of the shots we have worked on for Verizon 4G network campaign. All footage has been tracked and composited for main edits. 100% of digital screens were composited. The graphic elements were designed and animated by SPILLT.

The Verizon spots—executed with MRM//McCann and in collaboration with Fueld Films—are eye-catching extensions of the current campaign aimed at fast paced professionals who are online often as they travel for business across the country. In total, SPILLT has realistically composited and motion tracked 67 different shots ranging in a multitude of locations and lit environments for their 4G online videos.


Agency: MRM//McCann
Production/Edit/Color: Fueld Films
Composite/Design/Animation: SPILLT
Creative Direction: Curt Cooper, Ryan Bramwell
Producer: Beth Cooper
Design/Animation: Brian Long, Curt Cooper, Daniel Rosenberg