Warren Miller

Warren Miller Entertainment

Warren Miller Entertainment came to us to design and animate the film titles for their 2010 film entitled, “Wintervention”. Warren Miller edited a story line approach asking the audience questions to see if they were “addicted” to skiing and/or snowboarding. Throughout the edit we created a graphic treatment that freezes over the footage, in the same way winter frost freezes over. The highlight of the titles occurs when the main character, a corporate cubicle dweller’s head explodes into the world of Wintervention. Make sure you all check out the film, it’s great!


Producer: Josh Haskins (Warren Miller)
Edit: Kim Schneider (Warren Miller)
Script: Micah Abrams (Warren Miller)
Design/Direction: Ryan Bramwell
Executive Producer: Kim Peterson

Design Titles: Chris Sayres, Brian Long

Animation: Chris Sayres, Brian Long
Music: “Sins of My Youth” by Neon Trees